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TRIXi Lease Accounting Pack (LAP)

The TRIXi LAP is a configuration package applied on top of standard TRIRIGA. It helps clients accelerate value from base TRIRIGA by:

  1. Providing a localised environment ready for Australian clients e.g. currency, units of measure, dates, accounting calendar, spelling, backup window times)

  2. Providing fixes to defects that are yet to be addressed by IBM

  3. Providing functional enhancements specific to our region

  4. Providing additional value added functionality to improve efficiency and accounting processes

TRIXi LAP Features

  • Exchange rate uploads

  • Foreign currency translation journals

  • Makegood Provisions

  • Short term, peppercorn and low value lease enhancements

  • ROU asset amortization over a different timescale to the lease

  • Bulk lease upload

  • Bulk lease actions (submit for accounting review, generate accounting schedules, activate)

  • Bulk lease CPI application

  • Intercompany leases and journals

  • Sub-lease / parent lease controls

  • Default Incremental Borrowing Rate by lease type matrix

  • Summarised journal export and transformation

  • Journal Setup Upload

  • Accounting By Asset Category