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Your organisation’s data holds the key to making profitable business decisions. TRIRIGA® software can help you discover the best possible data-driven solutions for your organisation.


TRIXi delivers a uniquely focussed approach on helping your organisation achieve its goals while increasing efficiency, reducing costs and discovering new revenue opportunities.

TRIXi offers Australia's leading TRIRIGA experts. We take the pain out of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) implementation and data migration, helping your organisation get up and running as quickly as possible.

TRIXi is recognised by IBM and our clients as the premiere services provider for IWMS.


TRIXi do more than install or provision Cloud IWMS. We have provisioning wizards that localise global products like IBM TRIRIGA. We integrate the IWMS environment into your IT ecosystem. For example Singe Sign On and VPN for integration.


TRIXi has facilitated TRIRIGA software customisation and implementation for many businesses, both small and large.


We set up the system for your specific needs so you don’t need to change your strategy or methods to use the new software.

Data Migration

Migrating clean, reconciled data is one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of the job.


TRIXi's combined team skills and proven methods help minimise the time, effort and expense of this critical step in the process.


Our TRIXi Data Accelerator Pack (DAP) accelerates automated data load, verification, and reconciliation.


To ensure you can use all the latest functions, we will facilitate your upgrade to the latest available version of TRIRIGA 10.x.


We can maintain all your customisations or move you to a more standard platform, depending on your requirements.


Configurations designed by TRIXi consider upgradeability as a key consideration. Not all client environments are designed that way. Fortunately, we offer a short upgrade assessment that will provide you with a clear roadmap to a successful upgrade. 


The TRIXi team are some of the industry's best. Our intricate knowledge of the TRIRIGA platform has proven we can map TRIRIGA to your current workflow and business needs quickly and accurately.  


If your organisation requires custom notifications or workflows, TRIXi will work with you to ensure every function critical to your operations is created. The team’s combined expertise and knowledge ensures nothing is missed and you’ll have a single view of your complete portfolio.


TRIXi can seemlessly integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to TRIRIGA. This capability eliminates the need to start from scratch or make any changes changes to your workflow and routines.

We have extensive experience integrating to Oracle, SAP, Building Automation Systems (BAS), and IoT Platforms.


TRIXi have expertise in ERP systems like Oracle so we can be your partner for end to end integrated processes.


TRIXi provides on-site training for your team on any TRIRIGA module. We can tailor training, using a proven role-based approach that increases every user’s efficacy and efficiency.

TRIXi have the only certified TRIRIGA trainers in our region. 

We can deliver end user or train the trainer. Functional, administration, or developer focussed learning.

Technical Support

TRIXi offers direct TRIRIGA support. Level 1 (basic help desk resolution) and Level 2 (in-depth technical support) help directly from TRIXi experts.


Because TRIXi has installed, customised and integrated your system's specifics we know your configuration better than anyone.

With our partners at AdventOne we have a mature and proven ITIL service delivery capability.