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I source information on leases and create lease abstracts.

Lease Abstractor

Abbie Abstractor

I manage our leasing portfolio and real estate transactions.

Real Estate Manager

Lotta Leases

I am an accountant that looks after the accounting for our property portfolio.

Lease Accountant

Frank Finance


I help optimise our use of space by manage space plans and moves.

Move Manager

Millicent Moves


I look at strategic opportunities to maximise our use of space.

Space Planner

Paul Planner


I audit our places to ensure our space plans are accurate.

Space Auditor

Space Walker


I manage capital projects. Mostly builds and refurbishments.

Project Manager

Max Projects


I manage our business with the help of metrics and dashboarding.


Ernest Executive


I help our staff make the most of our workplace.

Workplace Concierge

Betty Business


I am an employee looking for positive engagement with my colleagues and workplace.


Ryder Skill


I schedule and coordinate work for our field technicians. 

Work Coordinator

Sam Supervisor


I perform reactive and planned preventative maintenance.

Field Technician

Ben Working


I triage problems, find the help needed, and keep people updated.

Helpdesk Consierge

Cathy Caller


I am responsible for minimising our impact on the environment.

Environment Manager

Gary Green