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A long and winding path led to the foundation of TRIXi. Our culture as much influenced by our experience as our people and clients.

Our heritage as business consultants, learning our trade at PwC and IBM, helped us identify how so many organisations could realise significant benefits by using technology and process most effectively together. That is the opportunity we came to realise as our vision.

Initially founded by a group of close friends and colleagues, TRIXi has grown rapidly to become the first choice for building insights.

With most of our people having worked at IBM for many years, we understand technology. We have directly improved the capability and quality of the solutions we provide.


In our beginnings we were extremely fortunate to have clients who believed in the quality of our people and what we achieve as a team. Our clients stood with us while we transitioned from IBM to TRIXi. Their confidence in us, repaid. Thank you.


TRIXi is now thriving. Our people true to our values in clearly showing how passionate we are about what we do best. We are having fun. Our clients like working with us. We deliver.


While TRIXi continues to grow, we refine our growth path, continually looking towards the future to help our clients seize opportunities presented by technology and workplace transformation.


Cognitive computing will become an important part of facilities. The Internet of Things with sensors are already providing insights into building performance optimisation. Design thinking and a focus on the user experience a core part of our skills now and will be even more relevant into the future. TRIXi is excited about what we can do now and the innovation we will bring to our clients tomorrow.