Healthcare Facilities

Implement a comprehensive digital work management system to better understand your facilities and how they can be utilised.

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Streamline workflows

Create a single source of asset truth, enable the digitisation of planning and maintenance tasks, and eliminate unproductive processes and systems.

Monitor room availability

Gain a better oversight of how patient rooms, operating theatres and other spaces are used to maximise utilisation of those spaces.

Manage energy usage

Gather data and insights from sensors on systems, including A/C, heating and water, so you can monitor your facility’s carbon footprint.

IBM TRIRIGA: The global standard in healthcare facilities management

Trixi specialises in enabling healthcare facilities to implement IBM TRIRIGA, an intelligent facilities management platform that provides visibility over, and control and automation of, the assets and systems in their portfolio. Using IBM TRIRIGA, Trixi brings together people, sensors and systems to equip healthcare organisations with a comprehensive facilities management solution.


Coming to IBM TRIRIGA has totally transformed the way Melbourne Health manages all of their facilities. It enables them to establish how many cleans they do, how many discharges the perform, how many patients they transfer – they didn’t have this data at their fingertips before.

Mark Williams, Managing Director | Trixi Building Insights

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