Trixi was engaged by commercial real estate services firm CBRE to develop and implement a facilities and asset management solution for a large and complex project in Sydney. Trixi adapted the IBM TRIRIGA platform to satisfy the requirements of the project and has shown that the platform can be further adapted to meet other needs as required.


  • IBM TRIRIGA is an integrated workplace management solution that can be adapted any number of ways to suit client requirements.
  • The IBM TRIRIGA platform has helped introduce efficiencies and identify asset and facility management opportunities across the project.
  • “The way Trixi implements the platform is ultimately so important to the end user’s experience.” — George Khoury, Beyond Asset Management

  • ClientCBRE
    PlatformIBM TRIRIGA
    ProjectFacilities management in Sydney's CBD
    IBM TRIRIGA implementation specialistTrixi

The IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite is a comprehensive workplace management solution straight out of the box. But the simple beauty of the platform is it can be adapted, scaled up and used in any number of creative ways to deliver meaningful data-led insights and identify and evaluate opportunities. 

Commercial real estate services firm CBRE identified the IBM TRIRIGA platform as offering an effective solution for one of its facilities management and asset management projects in Sydney’s CBD. CBRE enlisted IBM TRIRIGA implementation experts Trixi to configure and enhance IBM TRIRIGA to meet the project requirements. And Trixi has continued to work closely with CBRE to leverage the versatility of the platform and apply it to numerous other challenges.

Brendan Cresdee, Facilities Manager at CBRE, says IBM TRIRIGA has proved its ability to deliver operations and maintenance efficiencies and that Trixi has shown its skill in adapting the platform to meet CBRE’s requirements.

“Trixi has been fantastic to work with. They helped deliver the enhancements and configurations to IBM TRIRIGA we needed,” Cresdee says.

Trixi Director Rohan Vanner says the project has shown how readily IBM TRIRIGA can use data and artificial intelligence (AI) to react rapidly to change and opportunity across a complex portfolio.

“Both CBRE and Trixi are services organisations, so we understand how one another work. The ability of IBM TRIRIGA to flex up, flex down and be responsive to the needs of the end-user is one of its strengths,” Vanner says.

“Our approach has been to enable CBRE to manage the IBM TRIRIGA application themselves. Now our call-outs are only for the more technical enhancements CBRE might want to look at.”
— Rohan Vanner, Director | Trixi

He describes the IBM TRIRIGA product as a ‘one-stop shop’ for anything an organisation may want to do in the context of managing complex facilities throughout their lifecycle.

“IBM TRIRIGA will support every aspect of building management, from optimising spaces and planning maintenance schedules through to running cost-benefit analyses and managing service requests for changing a room’s temperature or fixing a flickering light. It can also provide reports on an asset’s energy utilisation and the extent of its carbon footprint, both of which are becoming extremely important.

“If an organisation wants a single product that can handle a facility from the cradle to the grave, IBM TRIRIGA really is your go-to solution.”

Implementation with Trixi

CBRE engaged consulting firm Beyond Asset Management to assist with the strategic phase of the project. The resulting asset management strategy, facility management plan and lifecycle plan identified IBM TRIRIGA as the optimal platform solution.

Trixi’s initial phase of implementation aligned the IBM TRIRIGA solution with CBRE’s Strategic Asset Management pillars and focused on migration of cleansed asset data into the system. What has followed since is an ongoing maintenance and support phase by Trixi with agile deployment of enhancements to the solution and additional functionality provided by the IBM TRIRIGA Application Suite.

Cresdee acknowledges the work completed so far is the tip of the iceberg.

“We’re continually identifying opportunities for the solution to enhance operations,” he says. “As the system reaches full maturity, it’s proving to be something special. It’s giving us efficiencies and providing valuable insights into the way work is managed.” 

Leveraging IBM TRIRIGA’s adaptability

George Khoury, Beyond Asset Management Strategic Director, says the advantage offered by the IBM TRIRIGA platform is its agility and adaptability. “In terms of managing large, complex portfolios, IBM TRIRIGA is the best in its class when it comes to functionality and capability,” he says.

“We can say ‘IBM TRIRIGA’ all day long, but the way Trixi implements the platform is ultimately so important to the end user’s experience.”
— George Khoury, Implementation Manager | BAM

The platform’s capabilities include facility condition assessments, allowing proactive ways to improve a facility’s function. It also has a valuable project module, which allows for tasks to be grouped together, and to integrate all the financial data of a facility or portfolio of properties into the platform.

Khoury adds that as powerful as the IBM TRIRIGA platform is, it still requires a strategic understanding of individual clients’ needs and plenty of implementation know-how to help clients realise its full potential. 

“We can say ‘IBM TRIRIGA’ all day long, but the way Trixi implements the platform is ultimately so important to the end user’s experience.”

Proving how easy it is to adapt and scale up the platform, Trixi is currently modelling how IBM TRIRIGA can be used to streamline asset condition inspection procedures for major infrastructure assets. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is being used to create dynamic, three-dimensional designs that can allow for simplified task management processes to be applied. IBM TRIRIGA will make it easier for workers to inspect, report and maintain asset structures in infrastructure assets outside of a typical property or facility portfolio.

Trixi’s Rohan Vanner says you simply have to start using IBM TRIRIGA to see the breadth of value it offers.

“We see clients get creative and discover other ways they can use IBM TRIRIGA’s functionality. If they want to explore other creative ways to use it, we’ll support them to the hilt.”
— Rohan Vanner, Director | Trixi

“One of the biggest selling points about IBM TRIRIGA is undoubtedly its flexibility,” Vanner says. “We see clients get creative and discover other ways they can use IBM TRIRIGA’s functionality. If they want to explore other creative ways to use it, we’ll support them to the hilt.

“When a client asks if it’s possible to do something, the answer is inevitably ‘yes’ because of its versatility. You can solution pretty much anything out of it.”

With over 250 million square metres under management worldwide in over 100 countries, CBRE is the global leader in commercial real estate services and investment. It’s also Australia’s largest commercial property services company, managing over 18,000 tenants across both Australia and New Zealand. Providing solutions to property owners in office, retail, industrial and residential sectors, as well as public spaces, CBRE works with its clients to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and create memorable on-site experiences for end-users across its clients’ commercial property portfolios.