Achieve meaningful ESG improvements across your operations – and be able to monitor, assess and report on them – when you implement a combined IBM Envizi and IBM TRIRIGA platform.


  • Capturing and analysing ESG performance data is key to unlocking sustainability and economic benefits in property portfolios.
  • IBM Envizi is a powerful software-as-a-service platform that simplifies the capture, management, analysis and reporting of ESG data.
  • Envizi can be integrated with IBM TRIRIGA to deliver a comprehensive facilities management solution that is enhanced by ESG analytics and reporting.
  • Trixi is an IBM Certified Gold Envizi implementation partner that clients can rely on to deploy Envizi according to their needs.

It's never been more important for organisations to show they are serious about sustainability.

Organisations are developing and implementing decarbonisation strategies to align with market expectations and stricter legislative requirements, with many pledging to reach Net Zero by 2050 or earlier.

Implementing robust sustainability strategies is also fast emerging as a key to business success. Organisations that understand their ESG performance have a crucial advantage when reducing energy inefficiencies and costs associated with their facilities portfolio. IBM states that reducing energy costs by 20 per cent is roughly equivalent to increasing sales by five per cent.[1] 

Organisations that understand their ESG performance
have a crucial advantage.

Sustainability improvements like these are possible when organisations can measure their ESG data, derive insights from it and then implement sustainability initiatives informed by those insights.

Enhanced analytics and reporting platform IBM Envizi can be implemented as a powerful standalone platform to capture, consolidate, analyse and report on ESG data. It can also be integrated with market-leading facilities management solution IBM TRIRIGA to extend TRIRIGA’s reach.

Using both in combination gives organisations an unrivalled ability to systematically execute on their sustainability objectives.

A complete carbon management platform
for facilities managers

Having the ability to understand, benchmark and track ESG performance against baselines figures and targets has become a strategic necessity when managing complex facilities. It’s why IBM’s cloud-based Envizi platform has become an essential tool for any organisation looking to adopt a data-driven approach to decarbonisation.

Envizi creates a single, trusted data source that an organisation can use for ESG reporting purposes. It allows facilities managers to track emissions reduction initiatives across their portfolio, as well as generate projected emissions savings and costs against actual emissions reductions and costs. 

What does this mean for facilities managers? It means their organisations can:

  • build a data foundation by automating the collection and consolidation of more than 500 ESG data types into a single system of auditable, financial-grade data 
  • streamline disclosures with powerful and flexible reporting tools that meet strict internal and external requirements 
  • accelerate decarbonisation initiatives by identifying energy and emissions savings opportunities and tracking progress at every stage of the journey. 

Envizi can be implemented as a stand-alone solution. But it’s when Envizi is integrated with TRIRIGA that organisations are really empowered to take control of their sustainability performance.

TRIRIGA provides the software foundation on which organisations can build and maintain resilient, sustainable facilities and operations. Integration with Envizi expands its capabilities even further by enabling enhanced reporting and driving even greater sustainability improvements.

When Envizi is integrated with TRIRIGA,
organisations are really empowered to take 
of their sustainability performance

Each of the following improvements becomes possible when Envizi is coupled with TRIRIGA:

  • Creation of a data baseline. Facilities managers can gather and maintain accurate sustainability data for their entire global property portfolio directly from TRIRIGA. Data from TRIRIGA serves as a baseline for all sustainability reports in Envizi and enables meaningful comparisons across buildings and opportunities to be identified to reduce environmental impact.
  • Comprehensive project management. Environmental projects can be identified in Envizi and managed by TRIRIGA’s suite of tools. These can automate, streamline and manage the full array of capital project processes, tasks, design changes and schedules that are underway and planned.
  • Enhanced supplier selection. TRIRIGA’s procurement functionality can be used to preferentially select suppliers based on their environmental and sustainability performance, reducing Scope 3 supply chain related emissions (emissions not directly generated by your business, but those it is indirectly responsible for).
  • Improved asset and facility performance. TRIRIGA manages workflows to improve the energy, water and waste performance of building assets and facilities. Envizi monitors facility performance and facilitates a continuous loop of efficiency improvements.
  • Better room and facilities utilisation. TRIRIGA allows rooms and workspaces to be reserved for use so as to optimise productivity and environmental performance. It means lighting and electronic assets like video conferencing systems are only enabled when they need to be. An integrated Envizi solution calculates and tracks efficiency savings as they happen.

Use IBM Envizi to manage and report on your ESG data

Why use Trixi as an implementation partner?

Trixi Building Insights works with its clients to design and implement integrated workplace management systems capable of delivering efficiencies across all elements of their facilities portfolios. More than any other provider, it understands how TRIRIGA and Envizi can be used separately – or in combination – to unlock ESG efficiencies.

Trixi works with its clients to map the Envizi platform to each client’s operational structure, all while building internal capability to administer the platform. Because it’s offered as a turnkey software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, clients can choose to simplify some of the riskier elements of a typical software implementation project. 

Envizi has a tried-and-true implementation methodology and comprehensive support tools. Implementation generally takes 4–6 months, depending on organisation size and complexity, the number of external providers involved and the structure and format of the organisation’s current data.

Mark Williams, Trixi Managing Director, says organisations can trust Trixi to partner with them on their sustainability journey.

“We see ourselves as business partners over the long term,” Williams explains. “We like to enable our clients to manage Envizi themselves, but they can always contact us when they have specific needs.

“We have deep skills in implementing sustainability software, combined with domain expertise in environmental science and the environmental performance of buildings,” he adds.

Trixi’s professional and proactive approach to its client relationships is recognised by IBM, with whom it works to deliver best-in-class software solutions. Trixi is an IBM Certified Gold Envizi implementation partner and was the first Australian partner to provide an IBM-badged Envizi solution.

“Our clients understand that we’re invested in their success and that we’re committed to building a deep, longstanding relationship with them from project initiation stage all the way through to providing ongoing support and enhancements,” Williams says.

“Our clients understand that we're invested in their success
and that we're committed to building a deep,
longstanding relationship with them.”

— Mark Williams, Managing Director | Trixi

“Our value proposition goes well beyond helping our clients optimise their facilities management processes and surpass the sustainability benchmarks they’ve set for themselves. We’re here to partner with them in their overall success.”

[1] IBM: Create sustainable facilities for a resilient future.